The breaking of a new day, the dawn is nigh, the cry of a baby, the joy of being a mother, the instant love, her tender eyes.

Nine months; Nine months of growing in the womb, the youthful adult turning slowly into a mother. …

Broken hearts and minds
Fogged brains and souls

We try to thrive through the chaotic and shattered ordeals

Some days we wake up with a thirst for violence
Some days we wake up with a cheerfulness that can make the coldness of hearts smile

We are underrated
We are abused
We are…

Your eyes scan the wide dining hall. Searching. Absorbing. A short fat girl emerges from the kitchen door like a gladiator but instead of swords she's carrying two extra large coolers, one of rice and 10 boiled eggs and the other of watery stew. She has the most important job…

Poem by Nduka Victoria
©️ Pennacle, 2021


This is how we emerge
When the expectations our fathers planted sprout
This one a slender bamboo
The other a sturdy oak

This is how we grow
Like hungry tendrils we gulp support
We cling to the laws that hang from our mothers' lips
But when our trunk is firmly rooted, or so we think
We wear defiance in all its seven colors
And chant the wild song of rebellion

On good days we yield to the sculptor's chisel
Layer by layer we shed our immaturity
When our inadequacies have been chipped away
You shall marvel at the masterpiece we've become

In 2007, about a year after its release, Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun won the Orange Prize for Fiction. A decade and four years later, I finally read the award-winning novel and wish I had read it sooner. It is worth every hype.

The novel whose title was apparently…

Ode To The Greatest Showmen
By Enoch Akinlabi.


I hail their skills
Never have I seen
Such lucrative work without work
They have caused millions to disappear
As though by magic, billions have followed suit
They have reinvented theft as appropriation
Corruption as networking
They jostle and do battle
In the Assemblies turned arenas
I have seen Thor’s hammer
Be wielded as the mace of justice
Their arithmetic…

By Ireoluwa Idowu

Today, her body will be found.

He knows how it is going to happen. He can picture the look on their faces, frozen by shock and fear. He can imagine the feel of evil their minds will bring forth. …

by Glory Godwin.


Life — they say — has its benefits, launch at it however u deem fit.
Take a dive, a run, even a kick, for it is ever worth the risk.
Not anymore, for now I want to recant this.
Life herself has lost her life

By Kourtney Samuel

Some days it is bad, it is really bad. You wake up and the lump that was lugged in your throat is still there, sitting nicely, making it impossible to speak. You want to speak, but you cannot, an insatiable conundrum. You cannot speak because these people…

Speed Reading is a 'read-quick' method of read that involves, chunking, skimming and scanning, and using the eye as visual guide.
In skimming, the reading visually and voraciously runs through the pages with their eyes to get the 'gist' . It may be reading the introduction and ending paragraphs or…


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